Earlier this year Amy Village became the first resort on Koh Samui to offer the Lifestraw drinking water purifying system for its guests. Water quality exceeds that of all locally available bottled water and the system is guaranteed by the World Health Organisation to 99.999 percent purity.

These same units are being placed, in ever increasing numbers, in remote villages in third world countries where availability of clean drinking water is a life-threatening problem.

In Amy Village we have installed one in an attempt to do our bit to reduce plastic waste. Possibly the biggest threat to our planet at the moment. We have for many years previously, as is the case with most hotels and resorts around the world, provided bottled water for customers. Now we offer re-usable containers that customers can fill themselves and chill in their refrigerators. It is estimated that pollution from one-time-use plastic bottle waste will be reduced by some 4-5000 pieces annually.

Amy Village is situated opposite Tesco Lotus Lamai should anyone wish to view the system in operation or sample the water.